How to Get Involved


Do you have an interest in sharing your expertise and playing a larger role in the Themed Entertainment Association? The TEA offers 8 exciting ways to get more involved. Positions ranging from volunteering to assist at a single event all the way through Division President and International Board Member positions are available.

We created a handy reference guide, the “Member Engagement Chart,” so you can see the options available, what is expected from you at the different levels, how you or your company benefits, how much time you need to devote to your role and more.

TEA Needs you

Take action. Get involved. Have an impact.

Download Member Engagement Chart


8 Ways to Make a Difference

  • Volunteer for an Event
  • Organize an Event or Webinar
  • Sponsor an Event
  • Speak or Moderate at a TEA Conference
  • Become a Divisional Committee Member
  • Pursue a Division Board Member Position
  • Serve as a Division Board President
  • Run for an International Board Member Position

Want to get involved or have questions? Contact [email protected]