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We create unforgettable memories through multi-sensorial experiences. Crafted from art and technology pushed beyond every limit. From resident shows and one-night sensations to Olympic ceremonies, that spotlight a destination, city or country. At ECA2, we go further to make you stand apart.

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Big-O Show
The BIG-O Experience, the most successful show of the Yeosu Expo 2012, has been transformed into a permanent show with new surprises.? This new immersive multimedia show, the “BIG-O Experience – Wonderful Moonkey” offers even more content – fountains, flames, lighting and lasers over 45 minutes (instead of 15 minutes), making for an even more amazing show. A small octopus called Moonkey plays different musical genres such as pop, rock, electronic and world music with innovative special effects… ?The spirit of the Yeosu Expo 2012 lives on with this spectacular nighttime show and we are proud of the giant BIG-O structure that will stay as symbolic landmark and the signature show in Yeosu and as permanent show that will continue to amaze audiences.

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