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04 August 2021

JRA Provides Design for Newly Opened Hongkong Land Kidzplorer Children's Attraction

Hongkong Land has officially opened Kidzplorer, a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) oriented play-center now fully integrated into its first wholly-owned commercial development project in Southwest China: “The Ring, Chongqing”. Spanning the next five years, this new US$33 million investment will be rolled out to other cities across the Chinese mainland. Together with “The Ring” series, Kidzplorer is a value-adding enhancement that underlines Hongkong Land’s commitment to driving strategic innovation, forging the future of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and beyond. The ultimate experience is one that is designed to inspire the community and visitors, who can subsequently aspire to a better tomorrow.

重庆,二零二一年四月二十三日 –今天,在香港置地集团位于中国西南地区的首个独资商业项目“重庆光环购物公园”内,基于STEAM(科学、技术、工程、艺术及数学)教育理念打造的儿童科普趣悟品牌“Kidzplorer智乐空间”正式对外开放。Kidzplorer智乐空间总投资三千三百万美元,计划未来五年将在中国内地其他城市陆续开业。Kidzplorer智乐空间总投资三千三百万美元,计划未来五年将在中国内地其他城市陆续开业。Kidzplorer智乐空间及“光环”品牌系列均为集团的增值项目,彰显了香港置地对推动战略创新的承诺,同时巩固重庆两江新区以至其他地区的发展,为所在社区和顾客带来充满启迪的极致体验,引领对广阔未来的向往。

Mr Robert Wong, Chief Executive of Hongkong Land, said, “With a history of more than 130 years, we constantly seek the next opportunity to respond to the changing preferences and demands of our tenants and customers by introducing innovative concepts and fresh offerings, with a view to elevating the value of our portfolio for the Chinese mainland and across the region. Kidzplorer represents Hongkong Land’s breakthrough in providing innovative family-friendly amenities into our retail experiences, answering the needs of today’s customers, many of whom are parents who visit along with their children.”


Mr Thomas Tam, Director & Head of Asset Management, Commercial Property of Hongkong Land, said, “Our latest development in Chongqing represents our unwavering dedication to innovation, coupled with our desire to enhance the offerings available across our portfolio. An elevated concept of the ever-growing STEAM trend across China and Asia, Kidzplorer at ‘The Ring, Chongqing’ features family-oriented facilities that not only enhance Yorkville, Hongkong Land’s high-end residential development in the neighborhood, but together they provide a holistic offering which aims to set a new benchmark for contemporary urban development, with the goal of serving future generations to come.”


In collaboration with Star Group, JRA provided master planning and design for Kidzplorer children’s attraction at “The Ring, Chongqing.” It occupies a net floor area of nearly 3,000 sq. m. (23,000 sq. ft) and offers a nine-zone play area, a STEAM classroom, a family café and party rooms, alongside a retail store featuring a range of STEAM concept toys and products. Kidzplorer uses the latest technology to ensure the ultimate experience for all visitors, including smart location wristbands worn by children visitors that support real-time tracking.

JRA与星际元公司合作,为位于重庆光环购物公园的“Kidzplorer智乐空间”儿童科学探索馆提供了规划以及设计服务。实用面积近三千平方米的重庆首店涵盖九大主题探索游乐区域、STEAM教室、亲子餐厅和多个派对房间,以及售卖一系列 STEAM教育玩具和产品的主题零售店。Kidzplorer智乐空间采用最新科技,确保所有访客均能获得极致体验,包括供小朋友佩戴的实时追踪定位智能手环。

“JRA was honored to work on this unique project with Hongkong Land and Star Group,” said JRA Senior Project Director, Matthew Wheeler. “Our goal was to create a unique guest experience that will enhance children’s development in all areas while creating opportunities for young visitors to learn more about the greater world around them through STEAM activities.”

JRA高级项目主管马修·惠勒(Matthew Wheeler)说:“ JRA很荣幸能与香港置地和星际元集团合作完成这个独一无二的项目。” “我们的目标是创造一种独特的游客体验,促进儿童在各个领域的成长,同时为年轻游客提供机会,通过“STEAM” (科学、技术、工程、艺术及数学)活动来更多地了解他们周围的广阔世界。

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