Water Web by Technifex

Technical Special Effects Fabricator Technifex demonstrated their interactive water experience Water Web ™ water maze at Fusion 2018 held in Burbank, CA as part of a showcase of new and emerging technology for the experiential and themed entertainment communities. Fusion focuses on the conversion of art, technology and space, an annual event hosted and curated by Electrosonic, a worldwide audio-visual company. The Water Web maze effect can be programmed in real-time or pre-programmed with variations of dry walking pathways through the curtains of water, providing a fun and unique entry, activity or wow-factor for events, exhibits, and experiences, both indoor and outdoor. Designed with a dual purpose of acting as a water screen for projection of graphics, images, logos and messaging, Christie Digital provided the digital projectors that were super bright and vivid, providing an interactive and ever-changing media presentation of graphics, color, and effects.

Posted by Paul Shozi

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Water Web™ is a unique system that has applications in theme parks, waterparks and other entertainment settings.  At its core, Water Web™ is a grid work of one-meter long rain curtains that can be turned “on” or “off” via computer control.  Water Web™ can be manufactured to almost any size and programmed to change into any water maze configuration, ...

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Technifex is known for producing well-engineered mechanical effects and show action equipment. From the smallest animated prop to a two-story moving platform, the engineers and fabricators maintain total quality control during the engineering and production process. ...

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Whether it's a stream or lake, a fountain or pool, people have a natural affinity for water. At Technifex, we understand how to build on that deep-seated appeal by producing fountains and water features that attract customers into your facility and keep them returning again and again. ...

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