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NOW AVAILABLE : The Walking Dead (dark ride)

NOW AVAILABLE : SallyCorp's all-new interactive dark ride concept based on AMC's hit TV series, "The Walking Dead". 'The Walking Dead: Battle For Survival' is thrilling new dark ride concept that takes riders deep into the world of "The Walking Dead". Guests will battle "walkers" in a post-apocalyptic landscape where the living dead are a reality and extinction of the human race is just around the next corner. Will they survive or.. will they become dinner?? Photo-realistic 3D media on massive projection screens is blended seamlessly with fully realized practical sets, scenery and animatronics in this unique attraction. Story and game play are balanced perfectly to create a scary, fun and exciting adventure for all theme park visitors. Sally’s design features these award-winning dark ride components: - real-time interactivity - motion-based ride vehicles - lifelike animatronics - highly immersive theming - 3D media-based scenes - 4D special effects including real fire, wind, and fog - Multiple endings

Posted by John Wood

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