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House Of Nightmares (walk-through at Grona Lund)

Step inside... the House of Nightmares! Sally Corporation's haunted walk-through attraction, House of Nightmares, opened in 2015 at Gröna Lund, the world renowned amusement park in Stockholm, Sweden. This terrifying attraction will bring visitors face-to-face with the evil Dr. Morphio in his old dark house where horrific nightmares await. Specially designed for Gröna Lund, this unique attraction was a complete redevelopment of a classic walk-thru haunted house. It features animatronic characters and props, CGI video effects, live wire illumination, video projection, Pepper’s Ghost illusions, ultraviolet illumination, and live performers. As visitors approach the exterior of an old Victorian mansion, special effects, lighting and sound help set the mood for the terrors that await inside. Scenic elements will enhance the back story of Dr. Morphio and his hideous experiments. As they enter, visitors are immediately immersed in the story Dr. Morphio, an American scientist who specialized in the nature of human subconscious and the nature of dreams. It was in the late 1940’s, the formative years of television, when Dr. Morphio hosted a program entitled “DreamLand” during which he would interpret the dreams of guests on his show. However, at the height of his fame, his TV career came to a sudden halt when it was revealed that his personal research had become highly unethical and thoroughly illegal. The public was shocked to discover that he was conducting experiments on human subjects in which he attempted to forcibly extract their dreams from their minds and bring their nightmares to life. Designed with an emphasis on animatronics and special effects, House of Nightmares is guaranteed to send chills down your spine.

Posted by John Wood

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