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Falcon's Creative Group

We provide a full range of services within our Design, Media, and Executive Production companies. Our experts specialize in Master Planning, Theme Park Design, Attraction Design, Experience Design, Media Production, and Project Management.

Storytelling is the guiding force behind our development process. Whether it’s the construction of immersive environments, the creation of dynamic media content, or the realization of unique and patented products, the Falcon’s team works tirelessly to challenge the limits of reality and fire the imagination. Here, you’ll find a masterful blend of classic design expertise, cutting-edge technology, and the ever-watchful bird’s eye vigilance of a forward-thinking industry innovator.

We have had the enormous good fortune to work on some of the most incredible projects around the world. As a result, our team has developed a proficiency for universally excellent experience design, implemented across a variety of countries and continents. Furthermore, our exposure to these global projects has shaped our talents and values when it comes to executing designs for local cultures, customs, and language barriers. We never sacrifice our commitment to cultural integrity and authenticity, and we have repeatedly armed this resolve across many past projects, from standalone experiences to theme parks to resorts to museums.

At Falcon’s, we value the quality of the finished product we achieve together just as much as we value the quality of the journey we’ll share to get there. We’re storytellers and we want to tell your story. Let’s dream together.

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