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18 February 2021

Falcon’s Creative Group Reveals ON!X™ Theater

Falcon’s Creative Group has announced another addition to their expanding list of patent and patent pending product offerings with the introduction of ON!X™ Theater. This innovative, first-of-its-kind attraction system combines action-based gameplay with responsive real-time feedback and dynamic special effects to reimagine the traditional 4D interactive theater experience.

ON!X™ Theater boasts an impressive array of features that are seamlessly blended with advanced technology. A fully interactive real-time system gives every player agency to direct the outcome of the action and even affect the narrative that unfolds before them on the massive, cinema-style screen.

A unique targeting system provides accurate and persistent positional tracking that not only detects where players aim but how they move their controllers. A blaster can become a hammer, a wand, a shield, or whatever else the story allows. Each player’s controller allows them to interact with exciting and immersive content on the screen. The intuitive nature and accessible design of the controller leads to instantaneous pickup and play.

Electric motion seats provide guests with multi-sensory feedback in the form of poking, tickling, vibration, air blast, water mist, and more. These high-quality chairs feature pitch, roll, and heave movement. Sway is an optional degree of freedom. Whether it’s 3DOF or 4DOF, the built-in special effects should produce many memorable and surprising moments. Additionally, the seats are perfectly synced to each player’s input, providing a localized, smooth, responsive experience that is different every time.

ON!X™ Theater is available in three standardized configurations ranging from 16 to 36 seats; however, Falcon’s offers customized seating capacities for venues of any size.

The multitude of interactive theater technologies and diverse environmental capabilities are enhanced by an engaging, themed story where characters burst to life in 3D. Objects appear to extend from the screen and float inside the theater, giving guests an amazing perspective. “ON!X™ Theater is a complete package,” said Cecil D. Magpuri, President and Chief Creative Officer of Falcon’s Creative Group. “The possibilities are endless. It’s kind of like the perfect marriage of a 4D cinema experience, a massive multi-player video game, and virtual reality. It’s game ON!” Whether in cooperative or competitive mode, ON!X™ Theater offers multi-team gameplay, providing different groups with their own unique perspective inside the same theater, or even into another theater. A real-time scoring system allows players to check their progress or see where they stack up against the competition.

Falcon’s Licensing and Falcon’s Digital Media work in tandem to provide a turnkey solution for your ON!X™ interactive theater experience.

About Falcon’s Creative Group:

Falcon’s Creative Group delivers innovative, powerful experiences with breakthrough solutions. We design immersive experiences that challenge the limits of reality and fire the imagination. Our passionate, award-winning team of artists, filmmakers, engineers, architects, designers, and writers transform everyday reality, every day. Falcon’s Creative Group is home to Falcon’s Treehouse, Falcon’s Digital Media, and Falcon’s Licensing. Visit: www.falconscreativegroup.com.

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