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05 March 2012

Titanic Belfast

Commemorating the centenary of Titanic’s catastrophic demise, the world’s largest Titanic exhibition opened to the public at the end of March 2012.

The stunning and iconic building, which houses the exhibition, is situated in the heart of Belfast on the slipway, where it all began. The exhibition explains the story of the ship from its conception and construction through the launch, and her infamous maiden voyage, and onto current undersea exploration on the wreck.

The inspiring visitor attraction is home to some of the most beautiful immersive experiences DJW has created, spaced out over 9 galleries. Working with designers Event Communications and ISO Design, a projection cave has been created with three 6 by 2.5 metre walls which immerse visitors on a journey from the engine room to ship’s bridge.

Visitors can also investigate the design and construction of the ship through an interactive floor projection game; ride the Shipyard Dark Ride, experiencing special effects, animations and reconstructions of shipbuilding; witness the heroism and horror of the Ship’s last hours with stimulating atmospheric sound and lighting which creates a subtle and moving recreation of the ship’s catastrophic and untimely demise.

The Aftermath gallery goes on to give details of the inquiries and sensational news reports, using a range of recordings, re-enacted performances and exhibits; in Myths and Legends visitors can investigate aspects of the stories that have built up around the ill-fated ship, using interactive touch screens.

‘Titanic Beneath’ allows the visitor unparalleled access to specialist footage from the wreckage; and the Ocean Exploration Centre gives visitors interactive engagement with forward thinking technologies.


Audio Systems, Video Systems, System Installation


Queen's Island, Belfast, UK


Event Communications




Thea Award for Outstanding Achievement (2014)

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