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Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc.

40 Years of Breadth & Depth - Chicago Scenic Studios, Inc. is the 40-year fabrication and installation innovator renowned for creating crowd pleasing experiences. We’re experts at managing the complexities involved in creating dynamic, unique, and high-profile installations—including visitor experiences, science centers, children’s museums, cultural exhibits, corporate branded environments, fan experiences, and a whole lot more.

We make it all happen under one roof at our expansive 165,000 sq. ft. facility and with a team of maker geniuses that numbers 50 full time employees. We often double that number overnight to meet increased workload and to address great challenges.

Our team members are experienced in a broad range of skills, from carpentry and metalwork to sculpture and scenic painting, electrical/ mechanical and interactive development, automation and soft goods.

Our services include:

• Project development & management
• Scheduling & budgeting
• Drafting, engineering & construction drawing • Interactive development
• Prototype creation & testing
• Value engineering
• Design interpretation & charrettes
• Fabrication
• Installation
• Equipment & maintenance training
• Material & other resources training
• Permitting assistance
• Signage permits & installation tools

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