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Escential Resources FX, Ltd.

Escential Resources FX has been creating and supplying custom-designed fragrances for Themed Entertainment for over eighteen years, serving clients such as Walt Disney Imagineering, Iwerks Entertainment, MediaMation, Kraftwerk Living Technologies and others. Our "dry" scented beads can be found around the globe, enhancing emotions, stimulating special memories and adding a deeper level of immersion. Museums. Aquariums, Interactives, Science Centers, and some of the most popular theme park attractions in the world use our scented beads. We are constantly developing new fragrances and our variety of scents is limited only by your imagination. Whether your guests are flying through a simmering sulfuric volcano or gliding on a sleigh through Santa’s wonderland of peppermint and evergreen, share your dream with us and we’ll help make it more real than ever before!. We do it "Just for the smell of it." That's Scentertainment!

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