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THG is the leading international creator of breakthrough one-and-only visitor experiences that set new standards for technological innovation and imagination.

Whether it’s building the world’s tallest observation wheel, creating the world’s first transformative multimedia elevator, or telling the story of World War II like never before, THG consistently transports visitors to new levels of awe and understanding.

Founded in 2002, THG has created award-winning guest experiences for prestigious destinations around the globe. The THG team consists of experienced designers, architects, media producers, illustrators, master planners, engineers, technical designers and project managers, with decades of cumulative experience across a wide variety of disciplines.  Under the guidance of attraction design legend Phil Hettema, THG works on a broad range of projects from theme parks and media-based attractions, to large scale parades and live events, museums and master planned destination resorts.

THG is unique among most experiential design specialists in that we have a deep creative team, highly experienced media producers, as well as full in-house architectural capabilities. THG’s broad experience across all of these disciplines gives us the ability to both manage the overall project from a comprehensive point of view, as well as focus on specific details of design and production.

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