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Andrew Kilkenny

Software Developer
Los Angeles, California United States


I am an expert in embedded real-time software, with specializations in microcontrollers, Linux, and real-time Android applications.

I also have experience in industrial controls and Robotic Animation (Animatronics Controls), particularly with Ethercat and CANOpen applications.

I have also executed projects as a project leader, systems engineer, and project manager with great sucess. I have developed a reputation for recovering projects and improving customer relationships through improved communication.

In addition to my expertise, I have a strong interest in location based immersive gameplay through mobile and personal electronic devices.

I studied both film (broadly through a Communication Arts program) and Computer Science, and have even produced a low-budget feature film, complete with union actors. My interests are broadly diverse in both storytelling and technical disciplines.


Robotic Animation, CANOpen and Ethercat protocols, feature film production, project management.