Etienne Sainton

Product Manager
Alterface HQ
Av. Pasteur 11
Wavre, 1300

Twitter: esainton


I was born near Paris, which gave me the chance to visit numerous museums, science centers, and multiple theme parks as Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix, Futuroscope... Probably igniting my passion for themed entertainment.

After a software engineering school, I started working at Alterface to deliver the software for interactive dark rides.

During 5 years as a software engineer, I worked on multiple attractions, such as Justice League Battle for Metropolis in multiple Six Flags Parks, Dragons Wild Shooting in Lotte World, PopCorn Revenge in Walibi Belgium, AniMayhem at Warner Abu Dhabi...

Convinced that a good interactive dark ride needs to blend the interactivity perfectly with all the other tools I focused on the development of interactive show control.

After working on the innovations in Alterface I am now Product Manager and Head of Software Engineering and I try to bring new concepts for interaction in amusement parks.