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Brogent Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2001, Brogent Technologies, Inc. is an energetic, innovative technology company. Our professional interdisciplinary R&D team and robustly creative design team not only deliver solid engineering based on expert technical know-how, but also offer a broad range of innovative digital content services rooted in their creative approach. Brogent seamlessly integrates software and hardware technologies to conceive and develop proprietary media base attraction, establishing the Brogent name in recent years as a world-class new media entertainment supplier through our technical development and innovative product design efforts. Driven by the thirst for constant betterment and advancement, Brogent aims to establish a leading position in the new media simulation entertainment equipment field.

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FlyOver America will be introduced in Minnesota 2016

An i-Ride flying theatre - FlyOver America - is being built in Mall of America, the biggest shopping mall in States, and will be opened in the spring of 2016. The investor is the owner of FlyOver Canada, which has a highly successful operation at Vancouver’s Canada Place that reached break even less than 2 years from its first launch. 

Vancouver tourism entrepreneurs Stephen Geddes and Andrew Strang expressed their willing to share the FlyOver experience with the rest of the world. Strang also mentioned, “The appeal of feeling like you’re truly soaring over stunning landscapes, and sharing that fun with friends and family in a fun and safe environment, is universal.”

A film crew that produced Disney amusement park rides, such as Soarin’ Over California and Star Tours, has been contracted to create FlyOver America’s feature film, which also invested by Brogent as well. Over the coming months, the team will travel across the United States to capture the US’s most eye-catching scenes such as the Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate Bridge and the Grand Canyon. Seasonal attractions like a Christmas ride to the North Pole are also planned to play in FlyOver America during special seasons as well.

The mall area spans 4.2 million square feet of building area consisting of 520 shops, the Nickelodeon Universe indoor amusement park, an aquarium and mini-golf course. The investors are confident about FlyOver America because more than tens of millions of visitors were seen in Mall of America every year. The total budget for this particular i-Ride destination attraction is greater than the previous Canadian i-Ride, with equivalent 20 million USD of totally investment in the Mall of America. Brogent will cooperate with the investor with best effort and create another successful flying theatre in North America. 

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