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Quantum Creative Studios / Luce Group

Quantum Creative Studios is a complete entertainment and experience innovation producer. By creating exceptional entertainment and truly unique experiences, we tell stories that engage guests and emotionally connect, leaving lasting impressions. Each show, immersive experience, environment, or exhibit we craft artfully blends imagination, storytelling, and vision with decades of technical expertise. Theme parks, cruise ships, museums, retail centers, and venues are more than just architecture or a destination; they provide an opportunity to interact, transport, and entertain.

Truly remarkable design requires the ability to successfully blend the need for function with an emotional connection.

We believe that every building, park, attraction, and venue is more than just architecture or a destination; it should tell a “story.” Artfully blending imagination, storytelling, and vision with decades of technical expertise, the team at Quantum Creative Studios creates experiences to enhance environments that not only fulfill a functional and physical pre-requisite, but also touch guests emotionally and leave a lasting impression.


Luce Group, a division of Quantum Creative Studios, specializes in exhibit, themed entertainment, architectural and event lighting design. Luce’s work, which has been called “radiantly beautiful” by the New York Times and “superb lighting” by the Boston Globe, ranges from award winning galleries and museums, to colorfully cued environments in theme parks and major science centers. Recent projects include: Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture, Washington DC (TEA Thea Award-winner); MAKO, SeaWorld, Orlando; Ocean Explorer, SeaWorld, San Diego; Go For Broke Education Center, Los Angeles; Nantucket Whaling Museum, Nantucket; and United States Mint, Philadelphia.

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