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FAR Out! Creative Direction

FAR Out! Creative Direction was established in 2008 with the purpose of providing two important and invaluable services to the themed entertainment industry and the museum world.

The first is to assure as a director that a project’s core concepts have been organized into a well-defined storyline that provides a clear vision to be followed during implementation. Further direction is provided to assure that the proper technologies have been identified and explored for their seamless integration and support of the established storyline as well as providing his talents as a giant screen film maker in the production of such special venues.

The second is to provide continued directorial guidance for the effective delivery of an experience or story that maintains the initial concept and vision of the client. On-site direction will guide the integration of all show elements, sculpting them into an exciting product by maximizing the full potential of all supporting technologies with the speciality format film media.

Rick Rothschild

Chief Creative Officer and Founder

Blending a unique set of entertainment skills developed over 40 years of experience in the world of theater, Disney theme parks, media and museums, as both a film maker and director, Rick Rothschild brings a strong creative perspective together with deep technical knowledge to provide both vision and direction to any project. His skills enable him to integrate complex ideas, systems and story and deliver them effectively and efficiently as a complete entertainment product.

Along with the responsibility of creatively directing and producing over 25 separate Disney attractions (many of which were film-based including unique IMAX-scale flying rides) during a 30 plus year tenure as a creative executive at Walt Disney Imagineering, Rick lead and participated in a variety of concept development teams that have created special venue film based attractions, along with theme parks and other resort, recreation and immersive experience related business lines. Acting independently as the Chief Creative for FAR Out!, he has continued directing special venue and giant screen films for numerous themed entertainment companies, major film studios and prestigious museums and institutions around the world.