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Adam C. Sharp

Spokane Valley, Washington United States

Skype: sharpovoicevo

University: Spokane Community College

Department: Theatre/Film/Humanities


Adam is a trained show director, producer, event director, emcee, writer, creative adviser and speaker.

Adam Sharp has been involved in the visual and performing arts since he was ten. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and a Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration of the Creative Process both from California State University, Long Beach (CSULB). He first performed in a professional contemporary production at ten and continued to study theater, film, writing and composing through high school. He studied theater at International City Theater (ICT) and Long Beach City College and continued his theater, performance and writing studies at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB).

Adam has acted, written and produced plays, productions, events and film works for over fifteen years throughout the United States. His experience also includes working in many different venues in California, Washington, Oregon, Kansas and Texas, mediums and stage types with production staff, crew and performers of many experience levels. He has also produced music and emceed for productions. 

Adam is an experienced theatre director who has directed in all stage types and performance levels. He has worked on projects throughout the country including educational and children's theatre. As a director, he is studied in many techniques such as Presentational and Representational acting (including Experimental Theatre), GOTE (Goal, Obstacle, Tactics, and Expectation), Improvisational Theatre, Method Acting, Psycho-physical Awareness and Physical Theatre as well as Oral Interpretation, Staged Readings, Reader's Theatre and Choreography. He is also experienced in directing classical and modern theatre. 

He is also an experienced administrator who has coordinated theater and film programs in Oregon and Washington State, conducted theatre workshops and spoke at numerous institutions and colleges throughout the country. As writer, directer and producer who enjoys collaborating with many individuals on all aspects of production and performance.  

Adam's goal is to create engaging productions for all ages and levels through collaborating with the executive producer and all involved in the project in a professional and productive environment. His goal also includes developing the production from conception to realization through writing, directing and producing the production, event or show that meets the clients needs and fulfills the most entertaining and/or educational experience for the audience and all involved with the production. 

He has produced live entertainment for community theatre, civic theatre, professional theatrical projects and theatrical events for companies for over fifteen years and continues to broaden his skills and abilities.


Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies with a Concentration of the Creative Process (CSULB) Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing (CSULB) Over 15 years of directing, producing, writing and production experience in many levels of production and performance. Collaborations as a coordinator, director and producer for events for companies such as Bozzi Media, Four Rivers Cultural Center, KHQ, Blue Zoo Aquarium, CSULB, Blue Cat Vintage, Big Brothers Big Sisters, La Resistance, CCS and First Night.