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Jacob Popcak

Steubenville, Ohio United States


University: Chatham University

Area of study: MA - Interdisciplinary Design

Year of graduation: 2018


Jacob Popcak is an award-winning illustrator with a mind for design. With skills and insights picked up from Masters degrees in both design and psychology, he’s created work recognized by the Walt Disney Company and international galleries; designed posters and print media for important social causes like immigrant rights and child safety; produced hundreds of exhibits, banners, signs, and graphics seen at expos, conferences, and trade shows around the globe; and he’s fully illustrated or contributed illustrations to four books and counting.


- Awarded and recognized internationally for art and design by several groups including the Walt Disney Company - Designed promotional media for events, expos, and conventions from Philadelphia to China to Australia and more - Personally managed multimedia design teams for tight budget projects ranging from commercials to graphics - Passionate about human rights and child need-related causes, with a considerable amount of awarded artwork created for the promotion of such causes