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Navitar, Inc.

Navitar offers a wide range of replacement, conversion, fisheye, and custom projection lenses. Navitar HemiStar Fisheye lenses are used for single projector/lens and multiple projector/lens configurations - ideal for domes, front projection into immersive environments, or globe-shaped digital signage applications.You will find Navitar projection lenses in theme park attractions, state-of-the-art simulators, museums, cinemas and more.

We have a thorough understanding of relay and non-relay designs, fisheye lenses and F-theta distortion, pixel mapping at edge of projected images, unique characteristics of different chip sets, color off-sets, and panel size variations in light engines, rectilinear and fisheye design requirements, customer-specific masking techniques and blending, tolerance and sensitivity analyses, distortion modeling, and Design for Manufacturing (DFM).

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