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Back Stage Technologies (Europe) Limited photo gallery

Image 1/49:
Image 2/49: Sculpture by David Mach at the Royal Academy of Art, London. Modified to breath real fire by BST.
Image 3/49: Liquid Nitrogen fog cannon often referred to as Terrafog or Megatron. An instant, freezing cold, effect that fills a large 1000-5000 capacity space in just a few seconds with thick, white fog. Fantastic effect for theatrical masks. Amnesia, Ibiza.
Image 4/49: Outdoor fog effect created using high-pressure water. This effect is "real" fog made from pure water so is very cheap to run and with no health or safety issues. Thorpe Park, UK.
Image 5/49: A small, indoor, fire effect created using propane and a small gas tank measuring 500 x 500 x 800mm. Drayton Manor, UK.
Image 6/49: 4m wide flame bar. Propane powered. Euro Disney SCA.
Image 7/49: Liquid nitrogen fog screen used for rear projection. Universal, Orlando.
Image 8/49: Outdoor, low fog effect created using Koolfog high-pressure water fog. Thorpe Park, UK.
Image 9/49: Liquid nitrogen expansion fogger. Creates very large volumes of low lying fog, very quickly. Ideal for "dry ice" effects where speed of deployment and high volume is required.
Image 10/49: Water screen for rear video projection. Also available as a fog screen.
Image 11/49: IP rated control console for RNLI, Poole, UK.
Image 12/49: UV bubble fluid. Designed to glow under black light. Manufactured in our special effects fluid facility where we make smoke, haze, snow, bubble and foam products.
Image 13/49: Low level fog effect on large stage. The Lion King, Euro Disney, Paris.
Image 14/49: Large cryogenic fog cannon. Cream, Ibiza.
Image 15/49: When liquid nitrogen is too expensive or not available, we can offer LN2 production plants to manufacture your own! Also available as liquid air so there are no issues with oxygen depletion.
Image 16/49: Simulated fire effect, Fake Flame. The Lion King, Disney, Paris.
Image 17/49: Simulated fire effect, Fake Flame, on Stage at Disney's The Lion King, Paris.
Image 18/49: 4m propane flame bar burning in cryogenic fog. Dry ice or nitrogen fog would extinguish the flame but BST's liquid air fog does not effect flames at all!
Image 19/49: Simple, propane, fireball effect. Triggered by passing ride vehicle. IP rated for outdoor use.
Image 20/49: Propane flame streamer installed in an ice rink! Alton Towers, UK.
Image 21/49: Dancing fire effects using liquid fuel rather than gas for a more defined shape.
Image 22/49: Brain fire. Ceiling hugging fire effect with intense radiant heat.
Image 23/49: Portable, 150 litre, propane fireball system. Punches a 10m diameter fireball 30m in the air!
Image 24/49: Very large propane fireball effect. Size can be gauged from the adjacent buildings. Macau.
Image 25/49: Large foam machine using the BST foam concentrate. Used in the largest foam party in the world, Miami, USA.
Image 26/49: BST Turbosnow machine being used on set.
Image 27/49: Simulated flame effect within a 30m high cone, on top of the 300m high Aspire Tower, Qatar.
Image 28/49: Cooling mist effect within 360 degree projection attraction. Olympic Park, London
Image 29/49: Construction of H M The Queens Diamond Jubilee Beacon in The Mall, in front of Buckingham Palace, London.
Image 30/49: Fireworks over Buckingham Palace in celebration of H M The Queens Diamond Jubilee. BST national beacon can just be seen centre of photo!
Image 31/49: The National Beacon, designed and built by BST in celebration of H M The Queens Diamond jubilee. Buckingham Palace, London.
Image 32/49: Twin, opposing, Tesla Coil installation within custom built Faraday cage. Siemens Urban sustainability centre, London.
Image 33/49: High pressure water fog rings being tested prior to installation in the fountains at the O2 arena, London
Image 34/49: Skeleton fireball system. Heroes of Fire, Kuwait.
Image 35/49: SECP (Special Effects Control Panel) designed to monitor all aspects of safety and integrate the show control with our special effects systems. Heroes of Fire, Kuwait.
Image 36/49: Twelve compressed air cannons simulating piston explosions within a V12 engine water flume ride, Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi
Image 37/49: Fog effect on drop coaster. Alton Towers, UK
Image 38/49: Gas control system with propane pump and multiple accumulators. Pirates stage show, Alton Towers, UK
Image 39/49: Giant syringes that blast riders as they past. Smiler, Alton Towers, UK
Image 40/49: Water treatment plant. Dual water softener, reverse osmosis system, UV sterilisation, bulk holding tank and high-pressure fog pump. Alton Towers, UK
Image 41/49: Toxic gas effect from barrels. Smiler, Alton Towers, UK
Image 42/49: Portable water control system for touring dancing fountain show
Image 43/49: Back Stage view of a pneumatically actuated dump tank. Dumps 5000 litres of water in 3 seconds to create a tsunami simulation. Chessington World of Adventures, UK
Image 44/49: Dancing fountains. LEGOLAND, Windsor, UK
Image 45/49: Giant fire effect using high-pressure paraffin. LEGOLAND, Windsor, UK
Image 46/49: Water mortar. Designed to fire as coaster passes overhead. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park, UK
Image 47/49: Large 300-nozzle water fog system. Nemesis Inferno, Thorpe Park, UK
Image 48/49: Volcano fumaroles created using high-pressure water fog, Koolfog. Thorpe Park, UK
Image 49/49: Simulated fire effects, Fake Flame. Jeff Waynes War of the Worlds Tour.