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The Biggest Animatronic ever built!!!

The Giant ape, a whopping 13 metres (42 feet) tall, is destined for Carthageland theme park in Hammamet, Tunisia. The monster is to be the centrepiece of a customised spinning coaster, also designed and built by EOS.

The giant ape ride will be installed on top of an existing building at the park. It has been carefully crafted to represent a real gorilla. Specialist craftsman at EOS based the extremely detailed model on scientific anatomical studies of the real animal. It's not only a marvellous sculpture, it moves. For the majority of the time, the ape is seen resting on its knuckles, turning his head and looking around. Then, all of a sudden, it stands up to its full height, raises its arms and thumps its chest angrily, while its head turns and its mouth opens, emitting an ear-splitting roar.

Guests will even see the ape’s hot breath pour from its nostrils. EOS has employed special effects more often associated with blockbuster movies to create this truly thrilling coaster experience. Real flames, 6 meters (20”) high, flare when the coaster approaches the giant ape. Lights flash like those of a New York police car, referencing the original movie. The 7,200 Watt audio system ensures that Giant’s roars can be heard a kilometre away. The effect is absolutely terrible and scary!


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LEONARDO .. a genius global success!
Prized with IAAPA Best New Product Award in 2012, LEONARDO is a very cute patented ride by EOS, addressing children and parents. A school of dragons move in circle, they find an obstacle on their way and jump, swinging happily left and right.Kids on board can play some funny musics and have the dragons smoke from their nostrils! The cute ride has immediately become a hot success all over the world: from Canada to South America, from UK to Northern Africa, from Dubai to Japan! A global success .. but after all, this is the destiny for anyone called LEONARDO!

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