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USITT was founded in 1960 as an organization to promote dialogue, research, and learning among practitioners of theatre design and technology.

Today it has grown to include members at all levels of their careers and has embraced the new technologies being used in entertainment.  USITT is now the leader in life-long learning opportunities for the entertainment design and technology industry.

The United States Institute for Theatre Technology, Inc. (USITT) connects performing arts design and technology communities to ensure a vibrant dialog among practitioners, educators, and students.


  • USITT will be a prominent leader of theatre and entertainment design, management, and technology through our conferences, exhibitions, awards, publications, and research. USITT is dedicated to the professional development of those who are an integral part of the performing arts and entertainment industry.
  • USITT will promote the best of design and technology through exhibitions, which are widely distributed to new audiences;
  • USITT will actively promote and support research and development today that creates the theatre of the future;
  • USITT will honor the best of theatre design, management, and technology through nationally - and internationally - recognized awards;
  • USITT will be the documentary body for the history of design, management, and technology in the performing arts and entertainment industry;
  • USITT will disseminate information about the history of the field, and aesthetic and technological developments by producing the USITT Annual Conference & Stage Expo, tours, and symposia;
  • USITT will advocate for safe, efficient, and ethical practices;
  • USITT will continue to strengthen the organizational operations of the Institute and National Office;
  • USITT will grow and provide valuable services to our membership and insure that interests of members are represented regionally, nationally, and internationally

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