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Xochilt Khoury

Immersive Experience Design Student
Burbank, California United States


University: UC San Diego

Area of study: Visual Arts (Media)

Year of graduation: 2021


Xochilt was born and raised in Burbank, California, neighboring the entertainment world. She is in her third year attending University of California, San Diego, majoring in Speculative Design (Media) and minoring in Theatre.
Xochilt loves working in story development to create experiences that take people to new realities. She especially enjoys working on haunted houses and interactive dark rides with immersive and innovative queuing systems. She is also a NextGen committee member, working to make events and content to help members grow as professionals.

Earlier this year, Xochilt finished her term as Vice President of the Themed Entertainment Association at UC San Diego ([email protected]), a theme park engineering and design club. As a member, she attends industry mixers, IAAPA Expo, and technical safety conferences (ASTM F24), leads creative workshops, and has competed in six theme park design competitions. Her goal is to create more hands-on themed entertainment opportunities for students as well as to connect students with each other and industry professionals.
Most recently, Xochilt directed [email protected]’s first national competition: a haunted house design competition for students. This competition brought together students to present their designs to industry leaders in haunted house production and design. In addition, Xochilt has been heavily active in UCSD’s haunted houses, year-long projects that delight 1800 guests a year on campus. In 2018, she was a project director for the haunted house "The Last Resort," and proceeded to be a supervisor and technical director for the 2019 team "Petrified." She is currently the lighting designer, technical director, and head of HR for the 2020 team "Wonderland." 
When she is not in class or working with TEA, Xochilt has several jobs in live entertainment tech, all of which entail event/concert set up for small and large-scale events as well as lighting/sound equipment operation. In her free time, Xochilt enjoys writing, graphic design, photography, and video editing. She is currently learning how to use several 3D design and CAD programs.
Xochilt’s first internship was with Blue Ribbon Content in Development. She edited scripts for digital content and examined potential material for her supervisor to review. Blue Ribbon Content introduced her to writing for digital media as well as the pre-production process and encouraged her to continue developing her stories.
During her second year, Xochilt was the Talent Development intern for DC Entertainment, which included projects like the 2018 New Talent Showcase and 15 graphic novels from the Young Readers line. Here, Xochilt edited scripts, examined art, and even wrote her own comic book for practice. This internship taught her a lot about story development, which she incorporates in her themed experiences.
Last summer, Xochilt double interned for WB Special Events and Studio Facilities Marketing. She assisted with production, execution, and wrap up of events as well as creating graphics for and photographing events. She also interfaced with departments within studio facilities in order to create content for marketing their services and assisted with administrative work and social media.

Thanks to her work with [email protected], Xochilt is an incoming Warner Bros Tours Projects Intern, set to work on their specialty events and museum. She is excited to work on themed experiences for them and cannot wait to apply the skills she obtained in TEA-related events, activities, and mixers.

Xochilt has always been interested in theme parks but was not sure how to get into the business. Thanks to TEA, she has found a group of people who are just as fascinated about this industry as she is, and she cannot wait to see what the future holds.

TEA boards and committees

Western North America Board of Directors – Associate Representative - NextGen

TEA NextGen Committee


NextGen Committee Member; Founder and Current Project Manager for Student Themed Entertainment Portfolio Project (2020); Incoming Warner Bros. Studio Tours Projects Intern; Highly Active Student Leader; Founder and Director of [email protected] 2020 Haunted House Design Competition; Former Vice President of [email protected]; Former Warner Bros Special Events and Studio Facilities Marketing Intern; Former DC Entertainment Talent Development Intern; Former Project Manager for [email protected]'s First Haunted House; Supervisor/Technical Director of [email protected]'s 2019 haunted house; Former Warner Bros Blue Ribbon Content Intern


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