Leander, Karlyn

Karlyn Leander

Artistic Fabricator
Leander, Karlyn
Colorado Springs, California United States

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/karlyn-leander-3372026b/


I'm recent college grad who is looking for opportunities to grow in themed entertainment! A few years ago I got my degree in set design from William Jessup Universtiy. Since then I've been expanding my skills in design, fabrication, and drawing. Here's what I'm all about:

I'm a hard worker. I love to apply myself to a project and bring it from good to excellent! I take pride in a job well done, and no job is too small. Even taking out the trash can be rewarding if you do it to the best of your abilites!

I love people. All stories are about the human expereince right? So I try to value the humans that are right around me by being a good teammate. Everyone has their own valuable perspective, the key is asking the right questions.

I'm always learning. I love picking up different skills; you never know when they will come in handy! Some things I've tried are pickleball, pottery throwing, rock climbing, watercolor painting, resin casting, swing dancing, and the list goes on!