Groupe Artea Inc.

Groupe Artea is interested in the design-theming of the built environment.

Everything starts with an intention, an idea. Our goal will be to integrate it in a space, to meet your needs, to propose new solutions. Our involvement begins. Our multidisciplinary team has all the necessary expertise to carry out a project from A to Z and turnkey production. Groupe Artea conceives, imagines, manufactures, surprises, destabilizes, questions, travels the world in search of the best products to arrive at delivering a surprising project that exceeds expectations in order to live a unique experience. New technologies must be incorporated into design along with other materials to be integrated to create exceptional and playful environments. We remain on the lookout for new products while browsing annual exhibitions and fairs Concept & development - Project strategy - Financial support - Action plan - Sketches - Drawings - Plans - Elevations - Decision-making process - Master plan - Development & orientation - Thematic identity - Scenario - Evaluation - Design production - Customer experience - Finalization of the concept - Choice of technologies - Choice of experiences - Integration - Realization - Final production - General contractor

Posted by Alain Guiroy

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