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* Leisure development (business plans, strategy, concept design, manufacture and supplier selection)
* Commercial development (marketing strategy, commercial management, sponsorships)
* Event management (event organizing, management, commercializing, operations)
* Venue management (ticketing, B2B, events, conferences, trade shows)

Leisure has evolved from secondary time spending to priority life experiences. Your visitors expect experiences that light them up. Experiences they never saw before. Experiences that make them relax and bring them at ease. The ordinary needs to become extraordinary. Today’s entertainment factor sits in proven concepts. From an immersive environment, a thrilling ride, a dazzling performance, a dining experience, a plunge in a pool or a relaxing stay in a resort. But it operates in a totally new environment. More expectations. More digital. More innovative. More social. More international. You want your visitors to come back again and again. To stay longer. To share. To bring all their friends. But mostly you want to create lasting memories that go over for generations so that your destination continues to thrive.

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