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Kile Ozier

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San Francisco, California United States

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A creative, insightful and inspirational Producer/Director of Spectacle and Show with an innate ability to build Experience at all levels of magnitude with nuanced, personal resonance. A dynamically collaborative Leader, he creates a positive atmosphere of 360-degree mentorship.

Taking an idea from concept, through development, design and production into unequalled reality and powerful, personal memories is the fuel for his fire, nourishment for his Muse.

"The work can be hard and long; but at some level, always enjoyable and thrilling. After all; we're making memories...we should enjoy ourselves as we do this."

Witness his audiences as they weep...cheer...combust.
(Read his Book and find out How!)

Book: "IMEx - In My Experience. Secrets of Making 'em Cheer, Weep...and sometimes write checks" @Apple Books.
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TEA New Business Relationships Committee


Master of emotional connection with strategic and entertainment show, theatre and spectacle; between audience and institution, corporation, cause, initiative or product. Bringing connections to life, revivifying institutions, brands and corporate cultures... deepening those relationships. Adept at sourcing, building, inspiring and motivating teams of technical, creative and business professionals to collaborate for the best work specific to each project. Able to relate to a broad range of target demographic. Have published a popular and widely-shared book on the subject of creating such Experience. Have creative and show experience in Milan, London, Oslo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Ashgabat, Jeddah, throughout the United States and the UAE. Inspirational and Productive Collaborator: Skilled at forming teams from individuals of disparate talents (and personalities) for Concept Development, Creative Direction and Production. Possesses unique reputation for creation of compelling experience from civic, corporate and political arenas to theatre, show, spectacle, parade, procession and ceremony…moves and operates easily through conference and convention center to theme parks. Well-traveled & diplomatic: moves easily through myriad cultures; corporate & regional. Intuitive, nimble, organized, patient and empathetic. Articulate writer and speaker.