Wells, Jared

Jared Wells

Wells, Jared
Clermont, Florida United States

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jared-wells-3729a3a7/


I’m Jared Wells, one of Indiana’s few exports that isn’t corn-based. After a halcyon upbringing in the Midwest, I sought to broaden my prospects at Ball State University, where I developed and completed a new degree called Narrative Brand Promotions. This cross-disciplinary  program fused traditional marketing coursework with studies in the story-focused vocations of creative writing, filmmaking and graphic design.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Sciences in May 2018, I shouldered my knapsack and sauntered my way down to the Sunshine State, seeking a gig in the themed entertainment industry. My journey landed me a role with IDEAS Orlando, an international brand and experience design group spun off of the Walt Disney Company. Here, I “work” on a variety of weird and wonderful projects as a writer and concept developer.  Of course, I still manage to pick up a little freelance action on the side.

Take a look at what I'm up to at: https://jdwstories.com/