Niedringhaus, Laura

Laura Niedringhaus

Niedringhaus, Laura
Aliso Viejo, California United States



I am working on my mechanical engineering major at Cal Poly Pomona. I have been given a lot of hands on experience through this college, such as building a small car to satisfy obstacles we were given and creating a haptics glove. I love learning about robotics, audioanimatronics, and roller coasters. I am currently on the board of TEA @ CPP. I served as its first webmaster in Fall 2020, making a new website for the club. In addition, I have served as its membership director and I am its current treasurer. I am also the current vice president internal for the ASME club at Cal Poly Pomona, serving my third year in the club. I was treasurer for two years from 2019-2021. 

I am very enthusiastic about themed experiences and I am open to hearing about people's experiences and any advice they may have for getting into the industry.