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Danny Hartigan

Creative Director and Producer
Pasadena, California United States

Skype: dannyh101



As an entertainment industry veteran, Danny Hartigan has over 34 years of experience as a

producer, creative director, writer and consultant for a myriad of entertainment genres from theme

parks, animation, film, live theatre, museums, attractions, and experience design. Proficient in all

aspects of the storytelling process including idea generation, treatment and scriptwriting, casting,

live show direction, exhibit design, art direction, producing and creative leadership. Danny has

worked for such entertainment heavyweights as the Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios,

Nickelodeon Films, MGM Studios, Sony Pictures, DreamWorks, Paramount, Intel, Phil Hettema and

Associates, Thinkwell Design, BRC, Riva Creative and many others.

As a part of the SAK entertainment company in Orlando Danny was initially hired in 1982 to

develop and perform live comedy shows in the Italian pavilion at EPCOT. The three-month contract

stretched to nearly ten years. Throughout the 80s, Disney used SAK as a creative think tank and

worked closely with creative park services to develop and produce numerous and distinct shows

for EPCOT, Disney World and MGM Studios, (now Hollywood Studios). Often SAK was invited to

California to work with Walt Disney Imagineering on new concepts and projects.

Notably, Danny Hartigan was the executive Creative Director for the Bollywood and Motiongate

parks in Dubai. He also wrote and directed the Special Effects Show at Universal Studios Hollywood,

conceived the original concept for Cinemagique at Walt Disney Studios Park Paris, developed,

conceived and co-wrote the final script for “Animation Celebration” at Universal Studios Japan, and

was the Creative Director for the new Heineken Experience in Amsterdam.


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