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Sara Hamraz

Anaheim, California United States


University: Biola University

Area of study: Cinema & Media Arts - production emphasis

Year of graduation: 2020


Since as long as I can remember I've been enamored with storytelling. As a child, I wrote stories and read books that allowed me to expand my creativity. After seeing the film Hugo in 2011, my interest in filmmaking was sparked and has grown ever since. Throughout high school I participated in theatre, both onstage and backstage, and was the editor-in-chief of my school paper. After graduating in 2016, I attended Biola University where I won the Biola Screenwriting contest in 2016 and received my bachelor of arts in Cinema & Media Arts with a production emphasis in December 2019. I am currently looking for opportunities for growth and to share my passion and skills in an environment I can proudly represent under the film or themed entertainment umbrella.


I have worked as a Disney Imagineering Teaching Assistant for former executive producer at Walt Disney Imagineering Bob Zalk's Biola University course which allowed me to design an attraction when I took the class then move to a position in which I was able to help other students develop their own concepts and pitches. I have performed many roles on student films from director to writer to production designer and understand elements of filmmaking and storytelling that can be utilized in a themed entertainment environment.


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