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Reid Baris

Westport, Connecticut United States


University: Tufts University

Area of study: Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science

Year of graduation: 2023


From a young age, I developed a keen interest in the mechanics of theme park attractions. Over the years, this interest has developed into a fascination with the countless types of ride systems utilized throughout the themed entertainment industry. Having spent years researching, taking online classes, and reading about both these rides and the companies that create them, I have taught myself an enormous amount of information about these remarkable machines. With this knowledge in mind, I began to design them myself. Utilizing computer programs, Lego kits, and anything else that I could find, I began to create models and mock-ups for various rides such as ferris wheels, motion simulators, and of course, roller coasters. I am currently studying computer science and mechanical engineering at Tufts University, with the goal of entering the themed entertainment industry myself.


Proficiency in Python, Java, C++, JavaScript and more. Experience with CAD, FEA, 3D printing and laser cutting.