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GCRS is an award-winning world leading sound design and audio post production facility located in London, offering end-to-end creative audio services for immersive projects, from inception to final audio integration for 4D attractions, dark rides, game-engine production, and AR/VR/XR immersive experiences. GCRS works with themed entertainment design firms and media producers to create 360 immersive sound design for installs such as four ride experiences at Lionsgate Entertainment World in China for Thinkwell Group and Framestore. Their work for Samsung, Sky and the Natural History Museum has won over twelve industry awards including The One Show, British Arrows, Cannes Lions and THEAs. More information at 

Services offered:

  • Award winning Sound Design and Development
  • World Class Immersive Sound Stages with Dolby Atmos
  • Immersvie Audio Design and Production
  • Interactive Real Time Audio Design and Production
  • Spatial Sound for 360 degree environments

Themed Entertainment Projects Installed include:

  • Interactive Real Time Audio
    • Samsung "A Moon for All Mankind" - The worlds first 4D lunar gravity VR Experience *
    • Unviversal Monsters Presents "Bride of Frankenstein Holoride" - an in-car virtual reality experience
  • Immersive Audio for Theme Parks
    • The Twilight Saga “Midnight Ride” – The World’s first multi-player hyper-reality VR simulator at Lionsgate Entertainment World , Zhuhai
    • The Hunger Gamers “Mockingjay Flight” – a 3D motion simulator at Lionsgate Entertainment World, Zhuhai
    • Gods of Egypt “Battle for Eternity” – The world’s first purpose built VR rollercoaster at Lionsgate Entertainment World, Zhuahi
    • The Twilight Saga “Bella’s Journey” – a dark ride at Lionsgate Entertainment World, Zhuhai
    • Sky “#4DVR” – a 4D location-based experience*
  • Immersive Audio for Brand Experiences
    • Volkswagen Touareg “Hyper Reality Test Drive” – The World’s first VR Test Driv
    • Jaguar Land Rover “Catwalk” – an interactive activation for global motor shows
    • AT&T + Magic Leap “Fantastic Beasts” – a unique film trailer experience using the Magic Leap One® headset
  • Spatial Sound for 360 degree videos
    • Natural History Museum – Two of YouTube’s first ever head-trackable 360 degree spatial mixes: Sea Dragon VR and The Giraffatitan VR *
    • Toyota “Sound of Supra” – campaign for the new Toyota Supra featuring binaural teaser and a 360 degree video for YouTube 

* Award Winning

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