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Red Raion

Red Raion is the CGI studio specialized in media based attractions. 

Our mission is to help amusement professionals choosing the CGI content that works for their media-based attractions. 

Our specialization in one single pipeline enables us to provide a fast-growing library of exciting CGI titles available for licensing in VR, 5D, Flying Theater and Dome format and to create custom CGI content for any type of media based attraction for venues with a strong theme.

We take care of all the aspects of content creation in-house, from the pre-production phase to the post-production one, following our standardized production process, the CGI Magic Chain. This means our job is always linear and focused: no unpredictable delivery times or unexpected costs! 

We collaborate with the leading hardware manufacturers in the industry to provide professionals with the most advanced solutions in terms of software and hardware and ensure the perfect integration between content and motion. 

Plus, you will enjoy the advantages of directly talking with the company who made the CGI content you’ve bought, without any middlemen or distributor involved. If you have any questions, we are always quick to help! As we are the ones that produce the content we offer, we know all the technologies in use and we guarantee assistance to our clients 24/7.

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Skype: redraionsrl