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Brent Uramoto

Honolulu, Hawaii United States


University: Washington University in St. Louis

Area of study: Computer Engineering

Year of graduation: 2021


I am a motivated, hardworking senior with experience in computer engineering and robotics who is looking to develop a career in entertainment engineering. 


I have a few real-world experiences I would like to highlight. I pursued these activities because they taught me practical skills outside of a traditional classroom setting. Show Control Software Intern- Walt Disney Imagineering-Glendale, California (January-April 2020) During the spring semester of my Junior year, I had an opportunity to participate in a professional internship with Walt Disney Imagineering. I really enjoyed my work there, and it reenforced my choice to find a career in this field. My responsibilities included: • Tested and did a bit of development in software modules used in Disney animatronics • Performed unit tests both virtually and on physical animatronic testbeds using PLCS. Logged issues and submitted tickets for unexpected and unwanted program behavior • Assembled 2 test rigs and worked with Beckhoff TwinCAT for use in test plan • Created unit tests and requirements to prove effectiveness of code libraries Mobile Robot Project Intern- RWTH Aachen University-Aachen, Germany (May-July 2019). The summer after my sophomore year, I participated in the UROP program and got to participate in a research project dealing with mobile robots in Aachen, Germany. I liked working with engineers from different backgrounds and cultures, and it showed me that I still have a lot to learn! My responsibilities were: • Developed software to manage autonomous movements and schedules of industrial robots. Development included both the robots and the controlling user interface • Researched robot’s existing TCP/IP communications packages, evaluated alternatives, and crafted solution • Conducted extensive testing and created procedures and supporting documentation • Prepared and presented research summary at program-wide conference I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree at in Computer Engineering Washington University in St. Louis and expect to graduate in May of 2021. My main qualifications are the courses that I have taken. Here are some of my most relevant courses: • Operating Systems Organization (CSE 422) • Human-in-the-Loop Computation (CSE 518A) • Robotics Laboratory (ESE 447) • Wireless Sensor Networks (CSE 521S) • Computer Architecture (CSE 362M) I hope my education and other experiences show that I am capable of problem solving and taking the initiative in difficult situations. I aim to use these skills to develop a career in entertainment engineering. Thank you for your time and consideration.