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Tobias Lerman Matonte

Associate Producer
North Hollywood, CA, California United States


University: Emerson College

Area of study: Film Production: Writing for Film and Television

Year of graduation: 2020


Hi all! 

I'm a bilingaul themed entertainment producer based in Los Angeles. Having grown up with the entertainment and theme park playground that is Southern California in my backyard, I've always been fascinated by the world of immersive storytelling. Coming from a film production background, I've always loved telling stories on a screen, but also wanted to create ones that you could physically step into. Over the last year I've been working as an Associate Producer and Project Coordinator at SEE Global Entertainment, producing immersive exhibits all over the globe, and in multiple languages. I've worked with IP's like Banksy, The Sistine Chapel, and Monet and had to get creative to turn any space (and I mean ANY space) into and immersive and enjoyable experience for guests. I've worked under time crunches, understaffed and underpaid, but I've always given every project I take on my all to create something special for guests the way the parks of my childhood did for me. While my time with immersive exhiits has been great, I'm looking to continue to move closer to the theme park realm, and produce the type of projects that have shaped who I  not only am as producer, but as a person. I'm honored to be part of this community and excited for things to come!


Bilingual, Able and willing to travel (I have a US/EU/ and South American Citizenship as well), Experience working in the field, Experience in Budget management, Experience in Project Management Software, Experience working with IP, Experience with Creative Development, Experience in Media Production, Experience with Interactive/Immersive Media