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Tiffany Wang

BOSTON, Massachusetts United States

University: Boston University

Area of study: Emerging Media Studies

Year of graduation: 2020


I am a Taiwanese-Canadian UX research and social media professional. I love building rapport with users and solving their problems. I care a lot about culture and I am passionate about creating immersive and interactive experiences, as well as optimizing online and offline experiences for people from diverse backgrounds.

• I earned my Bachelor of Education in English from the Education University of Hong Kong in 2013, and also studied in Singapore, Toronto, and Mainland China during college.

• After university, I received a scholarship to teach Chinese at Hamilton College and was trained during the summer at Washington University in St. Louis.

• In September of this year, I will graduate with my Masters in Emerging Media Studies at Boston University and am interested in how new forms of technology and media (social media, VR, AR, animatronics) affect the way people consume media content, particularly in entertainment and educational experiences.