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Jon Bryan Salvador

Director of Marketing at the Undergraduate Business Association of UCR
North Hills, California United States


University: University of California, Riverside

Area of study: Business Administration

Year of graduation: 2023


Hello! My name is Jon Bryan and I am Business Administration student at the University of California, Riverside.

As a highly driven business student with a love for the fine arts, I have always been fascinated with creating worlds, journeys, and experiences that people can walk into. As the Director of Digital Marketing of the Undergraduate Business Association of UCR, I further my knowledge in audience interactions by creating and managing marketing tactics through digital content to create meaningful impressions on social media. Furthermore, I am research assistant in the Department of Anthropology of UCR where I focus my illustrative talents on recreations of Classical period architecture, reliefs, and artworks of the Maya lowlands. Ultimately, this positions me as a business-oriented professional in the themed entertainment industry as I implement my knowledge in different art mediums with marketing practices such as research, strategy, and practice!