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Gabriel Nunez Rojas

Palmares, Alajuela Costa Rica

LinkedIn: Gabriel Núñez Rojas

University: Instituto Tecnologico de Costa Rica

Area of study: Industrial Design Engineering

Year of graduation: 2023


Hi! I'm Gabriel, and I'm a student at TEC in Costa Rica. 

When I go back and think of a few of my favorite childhood moments, I can remember clearly being 6 with a notebook in my hand, drawing scribbles and loops all over the paper. Once finished I would go up to my parents and excitedly show them all of my "roller coaster recreations". And even though they all looked like a bunch of sqwiggles at the time, they would always encourage me to keep drawing them. 

Since then, my fascination towards roller coasters and theme parks has grown. 14 years later, I've become an Industrial Design Engineering student. And even though it seems like a long-shot becoming a Themed Entertainment professional here in Costa Rica- where the industry isn't as developed-, I won't stop developing my skillset to make my way to my goal.


- Creative thinking, and great problem solving. - Profficient in several design programs: Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, 3D modelling software such as SolidWorks, rendering tools such as Adobe Dimension. - High skill at modelling and rendering. - Strong visual communication and graphic design skills. - Knowledgable of Design Thinking and related Design Methodologies. - High fluency in both English and Spanish