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Adam Favela

Student, Prospective Hire
Aliso Viejo, California United States


University: Laguna College of Art and Design

Area of study: Illustration w/ emphasis in entertainment

Year of graduation: 2021


My portfolio is focussed on set design for entertainment which I have tailored my artistic style around; featuring dynamic shapes of which are expertly drafted, adorned with vibrant colors to influence the mood and theming. My extensive experience in fabrication informs my spatial awareness while designing, and it even affords me the opportunity to simplify the early stages of a design, easily reading as graphic images to deliver to the next rung of the production ladder.

The most important technique I use in my design process is constant analysis; training and practicing the art of problem-solving to become a sought after designer is the goal. I wish to be known for my ability to engineer, accompanied with my skill to draft. I believe in thorough evaluation of my work to provide the best possible designs I can. Organization is key to a methodical approach to creation, and I consider myself to be an expert of managing as such for my professional practices.

I became a designer early in life! I didn’t have much growing up and would spend most of my days with a pen and paper, doodling Christmas presents I thought Santa would make especially for me. I particularly remember designing a raw steel jetpack decorated with flames, wondering why no one else had thought to employ the big man’s propensity for magical production. I didn’t get the jetpack or any other of my outlandish designs, but what I did get out of my favorite past time was, and still is, exercise for my imagination and a talent for execution. I need design and illustration to be healthy, to feel sane and proud of myself. It’s a basic need of mine, one step below water, food and sleep.

Outside of art, I enjoy live entertainment like comedy and music whether I am a spectator or practicing in my room for fun. I have a pet Leopard Gecko named Sunny (He’s orange and yellow) and caring for him and other pets I’ve had is one of the more rewarding parts of my life: I love to help and advocate for all people. I am also beginning a journey in mixed martial arts for which my goal is to strengthen my body and mind!

I am available for hire as a visual development artist, from the blue sky stage to practical set fabrication. My portfolio is directed towards animation and real world applications found in themed entertainment and set design for film, theatre, and the UX industry.

Please contact me if you would like to fill a position with a dedicated, determined, and team oriented designer! I am available to reach by phone, email, or social media and will respond within the workday. Please call my cell at (951) 719-9993, email me at [email protected], or instant message me on socials at @adam.favela.

My portfolio is on my website, linked here: