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14 April 2021

Exterior EPS Architectural Molds casted for Disneyland's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Where's our Disney lovers at?! Any Star Wars fanatics?!

We love a good ole' "top secret" project when the opportunity comes our way. These large scale architectural shapes were done for one of our clients who had this on the "DL" for what it was for. We worked in collaboration with @unlimiteddesignsinc to create these molds for them. We later found out that we helped create the architectural façade on the new Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge expansion at


in Anaheim, CA. We have had so many opportunities of being a part of something big and fun and its always exciting and fun to see the end result. We are always looking to provide an innovative solution to our clients and new customers. Many times we have been referred to as the "magicians of EPS foam", we take on the complex opportunities and provide a solution. It's what we do best here at Xtreme Foamworx!

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Posted by William Laird