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Theatre Projects


At Theatre Projects, we’re not just creatives, engineers, and designers. We’re also visionaries and innovators, ready to help you envision your future event or entertainment venue, capture the imagination of audiences, and bring those ideas to life.

Our international team has worked on some of the most exciting entertainment venues around the world. Our work begins with an understanding of the brand and creative vision, then we design unique solutions to turn those ideas into a reality. From venue design to creative engineering solutions, technical systems and infrastructure, and research and development for new technologies, our holistic services take your vision from concept through to construction, opening, and beyond.

Our Services

Design Services: 

   - Venue planning & space design
   - Concept design
   - Experiential design & brand environments
   - Interactive design
   - Immersive environment design
   - Support space and technical area planning 

System Design and Engineering:

   - Lighting systems
   - Sound systems
   - Video systems
   - Control systems 
   - Network systems
   - Communication systems 
   - Stage machinery and rigging
   - Performance draperies
   - Stage flooring
   - Stage lifts and platforms

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