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Ravenswood Studio, Inc.

Ravenswood Studio Inc. is a custom fabrication company driven by passionate artisans who take pride in every aspect of each project. Founded in 1988 with two employees, including current President and Owner, Michael Shapiro, Ravenswood became the premier builder of sets and scenery for Chicago theaters. Now, over 30 years later, Ravenswood is nationally recognized as a leading resource for building exhibits and immersive experiences for museums and corporations; and for creating striking interiors and environments for clients in a variety of industries. Our team continues to construct sets and scenery for theatre, television, and film.

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Life! Beginnings - California Science Center

Life! Beginnings celebrates the incredible ability of animals and plants to reproduce. In this engaging, multi-lingual, and hands-on exhibition, visitors discover how humans and all living creatures reproduce, develop, and pass on their genes to bring new life into the world. The exhibit allows visitors to experience life’s journey from conception to birth, view real fetal specimens, and experience animal life cycles as live Sphinx Moths (Sphingidae) transform from hungry green caterpillars into hand-sized fuzzy moths.

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Ravenswood Studio Names Mark Ewing as Chief Operation Officer

Ewing Brings Both Front and Back of the House Experience to the Newly Created Position

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Michael Shapiro,
Owner & President

The founder and President of Ravenswood Studio, Michael began his career out as a carpenter building trade show exhibits and has almost four decades of experience in the design and construction of ...

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