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Dave Leong

Show Writer, Creative Director
Los Angeles, California 90046
United States


University: IUPUI

Department: Show Production


I grew up starting oil fires in the home kitchen, snapping my dad’s guitar strings and riding mattresses down staircases until the springs collapsed. In short, I’m used to pushing the limits.


I have built a varied storytelling career that has equipped me with the skills to organize myself, my teams, my vendors and my clients while retaining integrity, encouraging creativity, communicating effectively and building relationships. A multi-skilled general creative and live experience producer, I specialize in event programming, creative direction, communications, strategic innovation, food, fitness, event project management and production.


My life and varied career is driven by my one common passion: people. I believe in the power of connection – to others and to oneself. I strive to change people’s lives through the power of shared experiences, new relationships and storytelling.


I am a creative problem solver who thrives in ever-changing, high profile environments. I’m comfortable asking the uncomfortable questions in order to get the best results and I am passionate about building relationships with tactful diplomacy from the crew to the c-suite.