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Gentilhomme photo gallery

Image 1/8: We created visuals for Cirque Du Soleil’s performance at Alibaba’s annual Double Eleven Gala, an olympics-scale 24-hour televised retail bonanza for online shopping held in China.
Image 2/8: Gentilhomme created, directed, and implemented the show design for Cirque du Soleio’s 41st original production, VOLTA.
Image 3/8: Gentilhomme brought to life all the multimedia content of this beautiful space opera odyssey for Cirque du Soleil.
Image 4/8: Created for the Missouri Botanical Garden, our immersive multimedia night walk, Flora Borealis, is a feast for the eyes – and the soul.
Image 5/8: POP! Is an ode to celebration. This work consists of 5 monolights, each containing an inflatable creature with a unique character designed to beckon joy for both young and old alike.
Image 6/8: A playful metaphor for what we do as a company, Gravity Orchestra is an interactive sound installation designed to evoke your inner virtuoso.
Image 7/8: For this interactive XR experiment we wanted to break the boundaries between the tangible and virtual – out of a simple anamorphic sculpture, a shadow character comes to life through the magnifying glass of your phone’s camera.
Image 8/8: Our theatrical set design for Fall Out Boy's 'Hella Mega Tour' enhanced the depth effect of the stage and created illusions using different visual tricks.