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Clara J Rice

Global Director, Marketing & Communications
RWS Entertainment Group
Cincinnati, Ohio United States
Tel: T: +1 513 309-0478

Twitter: @clarajane
LinkedIn: Clara Rice
Skype: clarajrice


With over two decades of director-level experience in the non-profit and for-profit realm, as well as a background in economics, project management, and marketing, I place a high value the creativity of business and the business of creativity. My skillset includes budgeting, digital marketing, writing, business development, volunteer engagement, and both board and departmental leadership. My personal leadership philosophy is highly collaborative and emphasizes diversity and inclusion.

After a successful tenure as the Associate Executive Director of a two-time Tony Award-winning regional theatre, I pivoted to join JRA - one of the world's more prominent attraction design and implementation firms. Hired to assist with a multi-million-dollar theme park in the Middle East, I eventually pivoted again, this time within JRA from project management to digital marketing and public relations.  As Director of Communications, I now manage JRA's website and have successfully led an external team through two complete re-designs, including the re-envision of our overall brand content strategy. I originated the company blog and manage all social media, Google Ads, inbound, and re-marketing efforts. All of these initiatives have had positive SEO impact and have resulted in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in new clients and projects.  

In addition to my SEO, SMO, and lead generation efforts, I have helped secure JRA's position as a thought leader in the industry, pitching or writing over 100 articles for major industry publications. I have also enjoyed moderating or presenting at major international conferences on such subjects as gender inequity, Millennial recruitment strategies, industry trends, and increasing access for people with disabilities. 

With as much joy as this industry has given me, it is an honor and privilege for me to give back to it. For the last decade, I have held a variety of leadership positions within the Themed Entertainment Association (TEA). These roles have enabled me to help increase young professional membership in the association by nearly 150%, secure dozens of new sponsors, produce revenue-generating events, spearhead inclusion efforts, and participate in shaping the TEA's strategic direction on an Executive Board leadership level.

Whether leading a 14-member customer facing business unit, negotiating contracts, writing multi-page industry features, or engaging in a multi-day strategic planning effort, my kaleidoscope of experience has created maximum ROI for stakeholders across industries and verticals.

Previous TEA Leadership Roles:

Chair, NextGen Committee

Vice President, Eastern Division Board

Speaker/Session Chair - TEA Talks Live 2017, SATE Academy Days 2017TEA Summit 2018, SATE Europe 2018, SATE US 2019


On serving on the DEA&I Committee:

I joined the DEA&I Committee because I believe that the people represented in our governance, marketing, programming, and storytelling should reflect the diversity not only of our member companies but of the millions of visitors those companies serve.


TEA boards and committees

TEA Finance Committee

International Board of Directors – Board Member

TEA DEA&I Committee