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Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or, 69 - Rhône France

University: IRIIG

Area of study: Innovation

Year of graduation: 2023


Passionate about new technologies, digital, and everything related to innovation. I'm enrolled in a large number of events in order to stay informed and broaden my field of expertise.

« Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. » – Arthur C. CLARKE

I'm currently living in France, pursuing a Master's degree, specializing in Managing Innovation and Entrepreneurship projects.

I've been, since a young age, passionate about the world of Immersive Design, by the ability to take people through an experience, lived through a thought out storysetting, and decors. Today's advancements in this sector only made my decade long ambition of getting an opportunity to work in it grow stronger.

Nevertheless, visiting new places often makes me end up feeling frustrated. Frustrated by the lack of experiences, emotions, and magic that could've been. Hence, I aim to work and change that, to make every place feel magic, unique, and filled with new experiences, be it a themepark, or anywhere else for the matter.