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RABCUP CORP photo gallery

Image 1/9: Here at RabCup we are starting to see the shift towards more public events as the world is adapting to the changes in how we interact. One way we can help you for your events is our Interactive Walls! With new technology interactive walls can be developed with touch-less technology. These walls are mobile, reusable and scalable!
Image 2/9: Elevate your Brand with Interactive Technology The RabCup team works with marketings teams and stakeholders from multiple groups to conceptualize and design appropriate visual and auditory media and interaction paradigms, and then managed the production of physical staging, software components and media elements, and deliver, install and maintain the solution on-site for the duration of all events.
Image 3/9: A RabCup and HandShake collaboration for the Caterpillar foundation. ConExpo 2020 Las Vegas, NV RESILIENT COMMUNITIES, ONE BUILDER AT A TIME “What type of community builder are you?” That’s the question the Caterpillar Foundation posed to visitors in North Hall. The immersive exhibit supported STEM education and highlighted the work being done by the foundation to build more resilient communities. On large touch screens, the foundation presented challenges in communities where Caterpillar is actively working and asked participants to make decisions on how to best address the issues. The special exhibit provided education in more ways than one. Each visitor who completed the challenge triggered a donation, which ultimately raised $300,000 for Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) scholarships to close the skills gap through workforce development.
Image 4/9: Overview Effect - RabCup equipped the visor of the Astronaut with video projection mapping, featuring video content that alludes to strange and whimsical intergalactic journeys. Through a custom, live, interactive facial capture system, festival-goers become larger-than-life with their faces projected into the helmet visor three stories above, while their name simultaneously appears on the Astronaut suit’s enormous name tag.Created with Poetic Kinetics
Image 5/9: Here at RabCup we love partnering with the creatives at Go2 Productions. Take a look back at this larger than life Holiday Dj Booth/Boom Box installation created for Target at South Street Seaport in New York! Projection Mapping provides us with tools to create installations that include and go beyond the typical and venture into the magical.
Image 6/9: RabCup was invited to collaborate on two of the installations within the 30,000 square foot museum space. Utilizing projection, custom digital content, design and programming RabCup was able to provide these two unique and engaging installations. The Entourage Effect. Guests were invited to manipulate the selection of cannabinoids and terpenes by moving a set of blocks, then watch as they are projected on a large screen in front of them.
Image 7/9: Aqua Illuminata This stunning piece of art was created by James Peterson of Art & Contraptions. The projection mapping magic was applied by RabCup, created with Vivitek. Are you an artist who is interested in learning more about how to merge your work with projection mapping? We are always seeking ways to integrate and merge worlds with new artists.
Image 8/9: Mirage Coachella 2013 A 110’ long, 80’ wide and 40’ tall mid-century modern house was constructed on the festival grounds to provide the structure for the projection mapping. 24 projectors and 8 media servers were installed to map the structure in 360 degrees, creating an awe-inspiring illusion.
Image 9/9: Projection mapping has transformed the advertising, marketing, and events industries. Both 3D and 2D projection mapping have ample benefits that will take your efforts to the next level. It is essential to compare 3D vs. 2D projection mapping before deciding which option is best for your project.