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Daniel Mullen

Avon, Ohio United States

University: University of Notre Dame

Area of study: Electrical Engineering

Year of graduation: 2024


I hope to use my technical ability as an Electrical Engineering major and my creative experience from the Themed Entertainment Association at Notre Dame to pursue my passion of themed experience design. I have particular interest in music, sound, and lighting systems design and want to work to create more energy efficient options for the entertainment industry.

I have pursued my interest in entertainment and sports at Notre Dame Studios, broadcasting athletic events as a camera and audio operator. Looking forward, I hope to direct and commentate games in Spring 2022.

As a member of [email protected] I have competed in two ISU Ride Engineering Competitions and the 2021 online Ryerson Invitational Thrill Design Competition. I have also attended IAAPA 2021 and SITE 2022. In the club at Notre Dame, I serve as Project Manager for our Escape Room projects and I am a Competition Officer for the 2022-2023 school year.